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" ...most notably Mills, who certainly has the timing, charisma and chin to serve as a proper fit for the role of Ash. Mills goes beyond chewing the scenery: he slashes it to pieces with one swoop of his chainsaw for a hand."   

-Review St. Louis

"Every so often an actor emerges who is what I call a "five-tool-player," a term borrowed from baseball, describing someone who can run, hit, field, throw, and hit for power. In the theater, this means someone who can act, sing, dance, and is skilled at comedy as well as drama. That description fits Trent Mills,"

-Broadway World

"and speaking of reinvention, Mills’ mountainous marvel of a Marcellus is as marvelous a somersaulting sidekick as any Music Man could wish for."

-StaceScene LA

..."And Mills’ final scene of climbing the walls – literally – as he tries to escape the imagined hound, is a tour-de-force of antic energy and invention, startling expertise..."

-Wicked Local (Boston)

.."Mills brings a significant gravitas that nicely counterbalances moments that make us giggle and have us seamlessly enjoying his Shrek materialize in the flesh. .. Mills not only sings his heart out, like in the goosebumps-inducing “Who I’d Be,” but he gets Shrek’s aw-shucks mannerisms just right to be terrifically root-worthy in the role. It is a performance that elicits sympathy, smiles, and many laughs."

-LA Excites

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